Ken brings broad experience; retired from partnership of Cote & Dambrosio in 2012, having offices in four states, Ken served as Creative Director and Director of firm’s, Business-to-Business, Retail/Consumer/Manufacturing practice area. In addition to overseeing the firm activities spanning over 38 years (22 years on Madison Ave, NYC) in marketing, concept, advertising and creative design.  As an award-winning commercial /director/photographer, Ken’s perspective of the world started (1965) through the camera lens turned out to be his genius as a creative/marketing director, film director, author and team member of some of the best advertising concepts and campaigns the advertising industry has seen in many years.

Ken understands the complex marketing impact a concept and its visuals have on the human psyche. Understanding that impact and tailoring the marketing of an ad or concept to motivate a desired human response is at the core of Ken’s powerful and highly successful ads. As part of the visual creative team in helping the creation of two of the world’s longest-running advertising campaigns, “Be All You Can Be” for the U.S. Army, and “Reach Out And Touch Someone” for AT&T. He also was part of the visual creative team that helped develop the “Times of Your Life” campaign for Kodak.

His achievements in marketing, advertising, concepts and design, are widely recognized, as his two CLIO and over 25 ANDY awards, two ZEPHYR Gold Awards, two STEVIE Awards, three SIAA Awards, nine INTERNATIONAL DAVEY Awards, two SUMMIT INTERNATIONAL Awards, ten HERMES Creative Awards, (Two-time winner of the Best International TV Commercial’s) two COMMUNICATION Awards, two MACCOM Awards, one AMERICAN BUSINESS Award, one INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Award, has given him a true understanding of how creative  visuals play an important role in motivating people’s response to advertising a product.

Those many years of creating and directing visuals commercials have helped Ken to approach his wood-art with an eye for the unusual, an almost whimsical design that doesn’t replicate but differentiates from the normal.

“I love receiving a local Florida log from a friend that has taken down a tree, I then release what has been held inside the wood for years, giving it a new life so people can find another appreciation from that tree. I like thinking that I recycle the natural beauty of what lies hidden inside that fallen tree.”   

 Presently Board Member of the LEEPA /RATTERNER MUSEUM Of ART/St Pete College/Tarpon Springs. Fl.