Recent Wood-Art Projects

 When I first visited Florida many years ago, I was startled and surprised at all the gecko/lizards that I saw  scurrying all over. It was not  until three years ago when one of my grand-daughters, little Eve Star,  was so enthralled with them, that made me take a  closer look at them, they are so energetic, so quick, I too started to chase and study them. They became the inspiration for this recent piece of art. I wanted to captivate their excitement and curiosity in a playful  form . 


Myths,Symbols and Legends


Myths, Symbols and Legends are ways to explain the unexplainable. They allow us to embrace our perceptions and justify our meaning of life. They are what we have evolved from as a species; it is what has made us the people we are today. I choose to enjoy the myths and legends, as I embrace my own perception of creation. Our Native American culture has given us a window to peer into their many myths, symbols and legends. The Bear and the Eagle are two of the most respected symbols that our Native American’s created legends around.

The legend of the Bear:

Bears are also one of the most important and widespread clan animals in Native American cultures. Bears walk the earth and get their energy and power from the earth. They have impressive magical powers, it is dangerous to insult bears, step on their scat or foot print. Wearing a necklace of bear claws will bring you exceptional power and strength

The Legend of the Eagle:

Eagles are the guardians of the heavens above, associated with direction, spirituality, and balance. They are the protectors of the universe; they are the leaders that watch over us. An eagle serves as a messenger between humans and the Creator. Because eagles are considered such a powerful medicine animal, the hunting or killing of eagles was restricted by many taboos.

It's our responsibility to remember their past, whether it makes practical sense or not, regardless of what you believe.

Tree: Carrotwood – Cupaniopsis anacardioides

Introduced from Australia, in 1995 it' is considered an invasive tree in Florida which makes it illegal to introduce, possess, transport, or sell in the state. We are ordered to remove them from our land. And in time they will all be gone.





I always find that my wood art starts with the concept of a vessel as the means of a primitive source of survival. When I first started working on this piece of art my thoughts where to look at the plight of a women, where the roots and vines of life strangle her, she is constantly being pulled in many directions and the heavy load of life cracks her back with it never ending demands. This vessel became not just a source for survival, but an inner center of life’s beauty. No matter what this world was doing to her, she still was beautiful in the inside.

Hands to the Heavens


I was always amazed at the strength that trees had to withstand, strong winds, periods of droughts, lighting storms and pest attacking it. Many years ago I had worked for my brother who was a tree surgeon, one particular job was a to remove a Dutch Elm tree that had gotten diseased. The owners wanted us to remove the complete tree and its root system. My job was to dig around the roots of this tree. As I was digging all of the soil away from the roots (it took two days) I was amazed at the way the roots had spread in many directions, searching for water and natural nourishment for it’s survival. I was surprised how deep the roots went into the soil for its strength to stay stable against the elements.

 This piece represents all of those traits that a tree looks to develop for its survival. This wood art piece came to me naturally, that a persons hands were much like the roots of the tree that reaches into the earth for strength and nourishment as mankind reaches to the heavens for strength and nourishment.

Gravity Rules




We do not understand why and how Gravity works, but without it everything falls apart. Our universe keeps in balance because of Gravity.

Every part of out body is made of matter that came from an exploded Super Nova Star. We are all made of universal matter that is pulling us together. If we allow Gravity to rule then we will all come together as one. Unknowingly, Gravity wants us to pull together.

Wood used to carve this art piece was from the roots of the Long –Leaf Pine Tree (Pinus palustris),

Fatwood The Early American Natives Southern Indians, as a means of survival would girdle this tree, they would wait until it would die and fall over, (usually within 8 to 15 years,) the remaining stump and root had all the terpene tar/pitch pulled down into the stump and root system by gravity and stored within. The stump/root would then be hacked into small wooden pieces that could easily be ignited with a flint stone to build their necessary campfires for warmth and survival.

The resin-imbued heartwood of these pine trees; in fact, it’s sometimes called “heart pine.” the products of pine resin called pitch and tar have been used for hundreds of years as preservatives and sealants for wood, rope, and other materials by our early settlers.